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General Guidelines for the Accreditation  of Food and Environmental  Microbiological Laboratories
Guidance for the Accreditation of Generic Methods and Methods of Flexible Scope of Determination of Metals in Foods
Guidance Document on Method  Validation and Quality Control Procedures for Pesticides Residues Laboratories
Guidance for the Accreditation of  Laboratories Testing for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
Guidance for the Accreditation of Medical imaging Laboratories
Guidance for the Implementation of European Directive 2006/42/EC "MACHINERY"
Guidance for the Application of Equipment Calibration and Traceability of Measurements on Inspection Bodies 
Guidance for the Development and Recognition of Certification Schemes for Persons
Construction Products
ESYD criteria of competance for assessors and experts for Accreditation of GHG verifiers to ELOT EN ISO 14065:2013 and Regulation (EU) AVR 2018/2067, FAR 2019/331, MRV 2015/757
Procedure for exchange of information and co-operation with the competent authorities for accreditation of GHG verifiers to ELOT EN ISO 14065:2013 and regulation (EU) No 600/2012
Procedure for handling  appeals and complaints
Procedure for the Accreditation of Enviromental Verifiers
Procedure for the Information of Competent Authorities for the Accreditaion of Enviromental Verifiers
Accreditation Criteria
Accreditation Procedures
Accreditation Regulations
ESYD policy relevant to PT Schemes and Interlaboratory Comparisions
Guidance for the Accreditation of Occupational  health and safety managemnet system certification bodies
Measurement and Calibration
Procedure for the Supervision of Accredited or Licensed Foreign Environmental Verifiers
Regulation for the Use of the National Accreditation Logo
Traceability of Measurement
Subsections of Accreditation
Document of Evaluation of the Customer's Satisfaction
Guidance for the selection of witnessed assessments for the purposes of the standard ISO 9001 (ESYD OEF-37)
Guidelines for Laboratory Accreditation According to EN ISO 15189

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